Select the desired method, enter the name of your character and make the donation.
Donations made by bank transfer have to be reported to Staff Team.

General Information

Since opening, our server is and will be a server where all users who so wishes may play for free. Then again, being a free server input from users need to maintain as our server is maintained only by the team of staff; thus paying their hosting both as maintenance and other expenses.For the same reason one of the methods to help our server to go ahead and ensure that this operation is by donations from users.

In addition to the donations there are several methods for euros, as helping to translate, participating in special events organized both in the community and in social networks, etc.. As a reward for this, we will give those users a special object with to acquire objects, appearances, states, etc.. within the server.

* Before making a new donation check before. If you have not gotten the donation, contact the Staff Team.

PayPal Donations

If you are impatient with this method of donation you will obtain your reward instantly. The higher the amount donated, higher reward!
* PayPal account required.

* Disconnect the character before donating.

SMS Donations

It is the most convenient method of all, but is the most expensive. SMS by item, with no possibility of bonus. However, still the most widely used sientdo.
* It requires mobile phone.


The safest of all, but also the most uncomfortable. You ought to direct you to a bank branch and make the desired donation to the account of our server.
* The confirmation may last for days (72h max).

After the transfer, you must to notify members staff and await confirmation.

NÂș Account IBAN: ES51 1465 0260 61 1716814788
Holder: U3Games
Bank: Ing Direct
Concept: "Name of player"